Just because an accident happens though, doesn't mean it has to ruin your car seat. Urine soiled car seats are nearly impossible to clean. We have come up with a product that works amazing.
Small but significant diet modifications can be an effective conservative therapy covering most types of urinary incontinence.
Starting with the "most important meal of the day" the breakfast meal/dish ideas listed below may appear restricting at first glance, stripped as it is of the holy trio of epicurean guilty pleasures (chocolate, coffee, and wine). But, being kind to the bladder doesn't mean you have to restrict your loved one or yourself to tasteless rabbit style food. In fact, there are a variety of yummy foods that will keep the bladder calm without forcing you
Anti-incontinence exercises are designed to strengthen and improve the pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that hold the bladder in place). These muscles are also called "levator ani" muscles.
Mental strategies below may help control the urge to go. They will ease stress and anxiety about the possibility of having an accident. Thinking positive thoughts goes a long way.
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